Surface type Automatic flood barrier for Metro

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Regular maintenance and inspection

Warning! This equipment is an important flood control safety facility. The user unit shall designate professional personnel with certain mechanical and welding knowledge to conduct regular inspection and maintenance, and shall fill in the inspection and maintenance record form (see the attached table of the product manual) to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and normal use at all times! Only when the inspection and maintenance are carried out in strict accordance with the following requirements and the “inspection and maintenance record form” is filled in, can the company’s warranty terms take effect.

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Model water retaining height Installation mode bearing capacity
Hm4d-0006E  620 surface mounted (pedestrian only)metro type

Scope of application

Grade Mark Bearing capacity (KN) Applicable occasions
Metro type E 7.5 Metro entrance and exit.

The Model Hm4d-0006E hydrodynamic automatic flood barrier is applicable to the entrance and exit of subway or metro train stations where allow for pedestrian only.

(1) Surface installation location

a ) It is about 5cm high from the ground. Need to prevent it from scratching the vehicle bottom when the vehicle is fully loaded. When the car is fully loaded, the minimum ground clearance: Pentium B70 = 95mm, Honda Accord = 100mm, Feidu = 105mm, etc. 

b) )The location should be on the horizontal section at the top of the ramp, the inside of the outermost intercepting ditch, or installed on the intercepting ditch. Reasons: small water can be discharged through intercepting ditch; it can prevent backflow from intercepting ditch after municipal pipeline is full.

c)The higher the installation location, the higher the water retaining level.

(1) The levelness of the installation surface

a) The installation surface horizontal height difference at the end of the wall on both sides ≤ 30mm (measured by laser level meter)

(2) The flatness of the installation surface

a) According to code for acceptance of construction quality of building ground engineering (GB 50209-2010), the surface flatness deviation shall be ≤ 2mm (measured with 2m guiding rule and wedge feeler gauge), otherwise, the ground shall be leveled first, or the bottom frame will leak after installation.

b) In particular, the ground with anti-skid treatment shall be leveled first.



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