Automatic flood barrier of embedded installation type

  • Embedded type heavy duty automatic flood barrier

    Embedded type heavy duty automatic flood barrier

    Scope of application

    The Embeded type hydrodynamic automatic flood barrier is applicable to the entrance and exit of underground buildings like underground parking lot, car parking lot, residential quarter, back street lane and other areas where only allow non-fast driving zone for small and medium-sized motor vehicles (≤ 20km / h). and low-lying buildings or areas on the ground, so as to prevent flood. After the water defensing door is closed down onto the ground, it can carry medium and small motor vehicles for non fast traffic.

  • Embedded flood barrier Hm4e-0009C

    Embedded flood barrier Hm4e-0009C

    Hydrodynamic Automatic flood barrier contribute to “three economic effect” 1.Prevent flooding of civil air defence constructions engineering, life cover for air attack, insure the life safety of citizens 2.prevent civil air defence construction engineering from flooding in peace time. 3. prevent treasure lost of the citizens and avoid compensation conflict and negative feeling with the government. 4.Prevent the serious effect of people’s life led by flooding of the underground power house, second water supply pump house and elevators , etc 5. effectively prevent the drowning of cars which lead to great property  lost 6. unattended operation, defense flood automatically without electricity

  • Embedded flood barrier Hm4e-0012C

    Embedded flood barrier Hm4e-0012C

    Product installation of automatic flood barrier

    The model 600 can be installed on the surface or embedded. Models 900 and 1200 can only be installed in embedded system. The installation of flood barrier must be completed by a specially trained professional installation team, and shall be in accordance with schedule I (full automatic hydraulic power Flood gate – installation acceptance form) can be used only after passing the acceptance.

    Note: if the installation surface is asphalt ground, because the asphalt ground is relatively soft, the bottom frame is easy to collapse after long-term rolling by vehicles; moreover, the expansion bolts on the asphalt ground are not firm and easy to loosen; therefore, the asphalt ground needs to be rebuilt with concrete installation platform as required.

  • Embedded flood barrier Hm4e-0006C

    Embedded flood barrier Hm4e-0006C

    Product advantages:

    Defense flood automatically, no more worry of sudden flood  

    At the beginning of the flood, emergency vehicle passing is allowed

    With modular design, easy installation

    Good quality and long life which is around 15 years or more

    new invention with alarming signal light

    with various specifications to choose, strong adaptability