Embedded type Automatic flood barrier for Metro

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The Model Hm4d-0006E hydrodynamic automatic flood barrier is applicable to the entrance and exit of subway or metro train stations where allow for pedestrian only.

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Model water retaining height Installation mode bearing capacity
Hm4e-0006E 620 Embedded mounted (pedestrian only)metro type


Grade Mark Bearing capacity (KN) Applicable occasions
Metro type E 7.5 Metro entrance and exit.

Precautions for use

1)  [important] when the door leaf blocks the flood and is in the upright state, the back supporting strut shall be used to fix the door leaf in time! At this time, the strut can share the water pressure and impact force of the flood on the door leaf, so as to ensure the water retaining safety; at the same time, it can prevent the door leaf from closing and hurting people due to the flash back of the flood. When the door leaf is opened, the warning light belt at the front of the door leaf is in a high-frequency flashing state to remind vehicles or pedestrians not to collide.After the flood recedes, the debris such as silt and leaves inside the bottom frame shall be cleaned first, and then the door leaf shall be put down.

2) Vehicles, articles or ice and snow shall not be placed on the upper part of the door leaf of the flood barrier, and the door leaf shall be prevented from freezing on the bottom frame or ground in winter, so as to avoid the above factors hindering the normal opening of the door leaf for water retaining when the flood comes.

3)during inspection and maintenance, after the door leaf is manually pulled up to the upright state, the back brace shall be used to fix the door leaf in time to prevent it from suddenly closing and hurting people. When close the door leaf, the handle of the door leaf shall be manually pulled, then the back brace shall be removed, and the door leaf shall be slowly lowered. Other people shall be far away from the top of the bottom frame to prevent people from being hurt!

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Embedded installation of automatic flood barrier


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