Embedded flood barrier Hm4e-0009C

Short Description:

Hydrodynamic Automatic flood barrier contribute to “three economic effect” 1.Prevent flooding of civil air defence constructions engineering, life cover for air attack, insure the life safety of citizens 2.prevent civil air defence construction engineering from flooding in peace time. 3. prevent treasure lost of the citizens and avoid compensation conflict and negative feeling with the government. 4.Prevent the serious effect of people’s life led by flooding of the underground power house, second water supply pump house and elevators , etc 5. effectively prevent the drowning of cars which lead to great property  lost 6. unattended operation, defense flood automatically without electricity

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Model water retaining height installation mode installation groove section bearing capacity
Hm4e-0009C   850 embedded installation 1200 heavy duty (small and medium motor vehicles, pedestrian)


Grade Mark Bearing capacity (KN) Applicable occasions
Heavy duty C 125 underground parking lot, car parking lot, residential quarter, back street lane and other areas where only allow non-fast driving zone for small and medium-sized motor vehicles (≤ 20km / h).

Product achievements of our automatic flood barrier: International Initiative passed 60meters of water wave impact test Qualified report by Nanjing Hydro-Technical Institute for the 60 meters water wave impact test qualified 250KN of loading test 40tons of saloon car crashing test qualified for 40 tons of  saloon car rolling over crush test Applied and collected by national standards passed the assessment of national Construction and Technology Institution Passed the Scientific results assessment of National Civil Air defence Office We issued the Industrial standard Passed the test by Jiangsu Quality Test Center More than 40 patents in China and one international patent Earned Gold award in the tenth international invention exhibition in 2018 With ISO&CE certificate 1 (1) Embedded automatic flood barrier installation 2

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